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Our Story

The idea of making a new dog food especially designed for the German Shepherd has for the last several years been in the back of our heads. We have more than 20 years experience of competing, doing shows and raising German Shepherds. During the years we have tested a lot of different dog foods that has been both pleasing and not so pleasing. What has been lacking is especially a good food for puppies so that they can have optimal growth, development and strong immune function so that they can live a healthy life. This is very important when you as a breeder can have problems with their weaning and when their immune function is very sensitive at 3-5 weeks of age. We have also seen that it is sometimes hard to get the puppies to like the food that is being served.

The German Shepherd is a working dog and for the dogs to work optimally in different forms of work we have experienced that they need a dog food that allows the dogs to be at their very best of ability.
The food therefore needs to provide high energy and taste delicious.
The dogs wants to be happy and to look forward to every meal of their dog food!

The German Shepherd is troubled by different bad joints just like several other races. It has for us felt like a must that the food contains substances that provides a good joint health! A German Shepherd shall be dry, taut and only be having a little excess of fat.

Some lines have sensitive stomachs which makes it hard for them to maintain that excess fat. That is a factor we want to improve!

It has been challenging but also very exciting together with professors, nutritionists and other gathered expertise to try to produce a food especially designed for the German Shepherd dog!

It has taken a very long time, lots of energy and knowledge to try and find exactly what the German Shepherd needs to feel good, healthy and to optimally develop through it's different phases of life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to one of the most important pillars in a dog's life, the diet! A really nutritious and well balanced feed, to achieve optimal development. This in combination with a balance of proper training, stimulation, rest and good care is the key to a long healthy life!

The German Shepherd is a working dog breed, so our vision is to give it a good diet that provides a good energy that is a qualification for the dog to succeed the maximum in their work!

Our vision is that the dogs should eat with joy and good appetite when the food is served, so we have been committed to making the food very tasty!

The German Shepherd dog is tampered with some genetic difficulties, our vision is to improve joints, strengthen the stools, strengthen the immune system to counter itching and sensitive stomachs!

Our vision is that the dog food supports the dogs' different life phases from newborn puppy to the older dog!


Cannispro dog food only uses carefully selected ingredients (such as poultry, eggs, beef, lamb, vegetables, whole grains and others) processed in a gentle cooking-extrusion-process to an extremely tasty and digestible dog food of high quality and with optimal nutritional value.

Cannispro dog food is produced with the meats and animal proteins only from animals fit for human consumption.

To protect the essential, but very delicate vitamins and essential fatty acids, Cannispro dog food includes a compilation of various natural tocopherols which guarantees an excellent protection for the vitamins and fatty acids.

No artificial flavors or aromas are used in the production of Cannispro dog food. Thanks to the gentle drying process, Cannispro dog food is long lasting.

With the high quality of Cannispro dog food, you can be sure that your dog has a proper nutrition to equip it for any situation - and all this at an incredible price / performance ratio.

For a closer look at ingredients and composition please look at the specific products in the shop!

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